Chichibu Whisky Matsuri (A whisky festival in Japan)

A whisky festival, “Chichibu Whisky Matsuri (festival)” is an annual event in Chichibu (Saitama pref.), where one of the famous Japanese whiskies “Ichiro’s Malt” produced by Chichibu distillery was born.

This year is the 3rd time for Chichibu Whisk(e)y Matsuri.
Various distilleries, importers, shops, organizations and individuals participate.
It’s also an exhibition of the products of Chichibu.

This event is held at Sanshuden of Chichibu Shrine.
Chichibu Shrine is a large shrine which has a long tradition and history.
Let’s visit the Worship Hall first.
And how about drawing a fortune?

Tasting rare whiskies which we can seldom meet is the real joy.
Samples are priced or free. Also you can buy the bottles you like on site.
They sell cigars, raw hams, books and many other items which go with whisky well.

Whisky fans are also visiting from overseas.

The concept of “ON THE WAY”, a newly released whisky by Chichibu distillery is “Do our best and offer the bestest blended whiskey”.
It uses unblended whisky aged 3-5 years and comes out today.

“Ichiro’s Malt” is known all over the world.
Now, a movement toward promoting Chichibu as a whisky town has begun.

Many distilleries and Japanese whiskies with individuality and rich variety will be launched.
It’s a wonderful gift for all whisky fans.

“A brand-new distillery” in Japan – Akkeshi Distillery will commence operation in October 2016.
There are many Japanese distilleries which are committed to providing their best whisky.

You can enjoy not only the event but gourmet food of Chichibu!

Chichibu Whisky Festival 2017

Chichibu Shrine