A wedding ceremony is also held at a temple or a shrine. This is a shrine wedding.

There are numerous Shinto Shrines and Buddhism Temples in Japan and they are integrated into people’s everyday life.

There is a little difference of worship between at a shrine and a temple .

The following is a standard way of visiting, but when the instruction is displayed in the premise, please follow it.


After passing under the “Torii”, a sacred gateway, go through a stone pavement called “Sando”. In front of the torii, you had better nod showing your respect for the God(s). (One or more gods are enshrined in one shrine)
Torii is the gateway to the god precincts marking off a boundary between god precincts and the secular world.

Many torii which are made of wood are painted red (ginshu, intermediate red and orange) and black.

And if you put on a hat or cap, take it off.

Sando is the passage of the God, so the visitors keep to the left.

hiyoshi-jinja (Yokohama)

There is a place where the visitors clean their hands and mouth and purge their heart before the worship. This place is called “Temizusha”.

How to use a ladle and purify oneself before worship

How to offer a prayer at a shrine

In front of the main building called “Haiden”, visitors offer a prayer.

There are four bells at this haiden.

1. Make a small bow before the haiden.

2. Make a step forward and drop coins into the collection box.

3. Ring the bell three times.

*The sound of a bell is said to purify the evilness, so the worshipper can stand before the God with their soul sacred.

4. Bow down twice.

5. Extend your arms and clap hands twice slowly.

6. Put hands together and close your eyes, then say your wish in your mind.

7. Bow down again.

8. Make a small bow.

When you leave the shrine, turn and make a bow again after passing under the torii. Then your worship becomes perfect!