Types of Japanese SAKE (Nihonshu)

Japanese Sake is a kind of brewed beverages basically made using rice, water, and rice koji (microorganism). Various kinds of Sake are made […]

KIKU (Chrysanthemum)

KIKU (Chrysanthemum)

Chrysanthemum blooms in autumn and is the representative flower of Japan as well as Sakura and the symbol of longevity. Its motif is used fo […]


Sanada, the best warrior in Japan

What is Sanada clan? | Rokumonsen, their crest | The best warrior in Japan | Sanada Strap What is Sanada clan? The land of Sanada’s or […]

Project Japan YouTube channel

YouTube channel

Now we have Project Japan YouTube channel! Please check it. We’ll upload more movies! https://www.youtube.com/c/Project-japanJp Relate […]

Hitoe kimono for June and September

Kimono without liner is called “Hitoe”, which means single cloth. As a custom, hitoe kimono is only wearable in June and Septemb […]

Photographs on Pinterest

You can see more photographs on Pinterest site! Please access here; https://www.pinterest.com/projectjapan/ Related posts: About Us Chichibu […]

Tsubame (Swallow)

Swallows come to Japan at the end of spring, and they spend a summer and raise chicks. They usually build a nest of mud and grasses around h […]

The season of swallows

The season of swallows has come! Related posts: Tsubame (Swallow) The foliage season The cherry blossom season has come in Japan! Sakura (ch […]

Kaminari (Thunder & Lightning bolt)

KAMINARI motifs Square-cochleate design. Some of them form one combination pattern. It also is known as a Chinese traditional motif. “ […]

Sakura (cherry blossoms) 2014

In early April, sakura, the cherry blossoms are in full bloom in the Kanto region. Their beautiful appearance attracts many people. If you c […]

Sakura (cherry blossoms)

The cerry blossomes are almost full bloom! Pictures are HERE! Related posts: Sakura (cherry blossoms) 2014 The foliage season has come! Hana […]

A heavy snowfall 2

We had twice snowy weekends in Feb and the capital sphere saw around 7-8 inches of snow. In central of Japan, Yamanashi, Gunma, Nagano pref. […]

A heavy snowfall

Japan was hit by heavy snow on Feb. 14th & 15th 2014. It was the heaviest snowfall in 20 years and the transportation in the capital sph […]