Personal protection policy to prevent pollution from VIRAL INFECTION (COVID-19/ SARS-CoV-2)

Feb. 2020

I would like to extend my condolences to all the people who passed away because of the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) infection and their families all over the world.
And also pray for the recovery of those who are fighting the disease and express my gratitude to the medical staffs.


I live in Yokohama, which is the biggest city in the suburbs of Tokyo, and I work mainly in Tokyo, so I write about my personal actions.
Followings are possible steps not to infect myself or others.
There is no guarantee that I will not be infected in the future, but my family and I are still healthy and mentally well.

In some areas, water and disinfectants may not be sufficient, but it is essential to “keep everything clean and keep one’s distance from others”.
It ‘s especially important not to touch your face when your hands are not clean.


Features of COVID-19 in relation to the countermeasures

Can be inactivated by alcohol, hypochlorite water, or surfactants.

1. Characteristics of Japanese


・Have a habit of wearing a face mask
・Have a habit of washing hands and gargling after coming home or before meals since childhood
・Take off one’s shoes inside the house
・Not speak loudly
・Avoid touching other people’s bodies (bowing is common courtesy)


Followings are what I usually do.


2. Personal guidelines for action AT HOME


・Disinfection and antiviral treatment of each item
*smartphones, pens, wallets, plastic cards such as credit cards, earphones, keys, business card holders, covers of notebooks, watches, glasses, cosmetic pouches, atomizers, buttons and fasteners for clothes, belts, security cards, door knobs for houses, light switches, elevator buttons in the condo, intercom button at the entrance, umbrella handles, bags, etc.
・Having well balanced meals (including fermented foods such as natto and yogurt, amino acids, and vitamin supplements).
・Rest properly.
・Ventilate occasionally.
・Wipe the cardboard boxes and mails which arrive with diluted liquid of kitchen detergent before opening them.
・If possible, disinfect the soles of the shoes.
・Stockpile at least one month’s supply so that I or family members do not need to go out when anyone catches the virus.
・Cut the nails short.
・Avoid unnecessary and unurgent outings.
・Separate the toothbrush, toothpaste, towel and tableware for each family member.


3. What I do after coming home


・Avoid bringing clothes (outer) into the living room as much as possible.
・Wash other washable clothes as soon as possible.
・Wash hands thoroughly with soap (for at least 30 seconds and rinse with water for at least 30 seconds).
・Gargling the throat (sing “Happy Birthday” twice”).
・Gargle the nose.
・Wash or disinfect purchased items.
・Wash eyeglasses and ecobags (reusable cloth bags).
・Change clothes, shower, and do the laundry as soon as possible.
・When removing the face mask, use my little finger to remove the rubber band from the ears.
・Before throwing away a used mask or gloves, wash them to remove viruses from the surface (in order to reduce the virus contained in the garbage).


4. Outside the house


・Wearing a face mask and glasses.
・Do not touch the surface of the mask.
・As the virus also attaches to hair, hair should be kept together to minimize surface area.
・Avoid crowds.
・Keep my distance from others as far as possible.
・Do not touch objects touched by others. If touched, wash or disinfect hands immediately.
・Use disposable gloves or hold over a plastic bag for things that are touched by an unspecified number of people, such as door knobs and shopping cart handles.
・Touch a panel on bank ATMs with plastic wrap which is wrapped around a fingertip or use nitrile gloves. Wash or disinfect hands immediately after touching with bare hands.
・Do not wear rings nor wrist watch so that I can wash my hands cleanly.
・It is good to shave the bar soap or use a peeler to thinly face it in order to carry some small pieces.
・Carry alcohol (antiseptic solution) in an atomizer.
・Wash my hands before and after using the toilet outside. Use the toilet seat after sterilizing with alcohol.
・Do not use bills and coins as much as possible because they may be contaminated. Make cashless payments.
・Do not take an elevator. If so, press the button with my knuckle, not use a fingertip.


5. What we can do at home


・Read books, watch videos, listen to music, take care of flowers.
・Do exercises such as radio calisthenics and squats.
・Cook a better meal than usual etc.


I will update my article when I get something new.
Let’s do our best! Facciamo del nostro meglio! Hagamos lo mejor que podamos! Machen wir unser Bestes! Faisons de notre mieux! Vamos fazer o nosso melhor! Давай сделаем всё возможное! 加油!



横浜に住み、主に神奈川・東京で仕事をしている私が、新型コロナウイルス(COVID-19/ SARS-CoV-2)対策として行っていることを書きます。






・銀行のATM のパネルは、指先にラップを巻いて触るか、ニトリル手袋を使用する。素手で触った後は、すぐに手を洗うか消毒する