Benefits of Onsen

Yamatoya Hotel (Hakone, Kanagawa Pref.), where once Mr. Stevie Wonder visited.

The size of bath tubs are variable. As a large one, its capacity is several dozen of persons, in contrast a small one, a few persons. And various materials are used for bath tubs; wood (Hinoki is the highest class wood and ambrosial), rock, stone. The material is a part of individuality for the hot spring itself or Onsen Inn (Ryokan or Hotel).

The water of each spring has its own benefits for health enhancement. Even though some hot springs next to each other in a small area, the benefits and effects of water may be individually different. The colors (red, white, transparent…) of the water are also different according to the contained component. The temperature is different too.

People go to onsen to relax both their mind and body and have extraordinary experiences. Soaking in onsen is really comfortable and you must feel great. Japanese people often compare that good feeling to “being in the Heaven”.

We have visted many onsen places. Here are some pictures.
In “Shibu” hot spring village at Nagano Prf., the staff of onsen inn lend a “yukata” and “geta”. And in Shibu, there is a small hot spring called “Ashi-yu” (“ashi” means foot or leg, and “yu” means hot water). People both who stay there and drop by can soak their legs (under the knees) into it and relax.