Rare Japanese Sake using the best water in Japan

As Japanese sake is made from only rice and water, these 2 elements are the most important.

There is a good Japanese sake (rice wine/nihonshu) brewery, Kikusui in Iida city, Nagano pref.
You can find a rare brand sake named “Sarukura no Izumi”, junmai ginjo-shu, in one of their products.

*see about the categories of Japanese sake in this entry.
Sake (Nihonshu)

So we had an interview. (movie is below)

1. About Kikusui Shuzou

Kikusui Shuzou is the only one Japanese sake brewery in the southern part of Nagano Pref.
It was unusual that 37 breweries were combined and one brewery was born in 1944.
The annual production is 1,260kl.

2. The 100 best waters in Japan and rice

Rice and water are the integrant parts of Japanese sake.

Kikusui Shuzou has a special brand sake named “Sarukura no Izumi” of which water is the top priority.
“Sarukura no Izumi” is originally a name of a spring located in Iida city, which is selected the best water in Japan.
The water of this spring is used for the product.

Also, they have quested a better rice brand.
“Miyama-nishiki” is the most harvested rice in Nagano pref. and suitable for brewing sake.

And that, they uses other brand “Takane-nishiki”, which is the mother of Miyama-nishiki.
It’s a very rare brand rice and they use it for their ginjou, junmai and honjouzou sake.

Kikusui Shuzou values a local production for local consumption.
They made an arrangement with local farmers who produce Takane-nishiki.
Thanks to them, the amount of crop is increasing.

As their company name shows “Joy”, Forever” and “Water”, they wish people can feel everlasting joy in their life.

3. Sarukura no Izumi (Sarukura spring)

Sarukura no Izumi (Sarukura spring) is located in the northwest of Iida city,
which is selected as one of the 100 best natural waters in Japan by the environment agency.

The water is cool, soft and very good.
Japanese tea ceremonies are frequently held at this spring.

Interview movie

Sarukura no Izumi (Sarukura spring)

Kikusui Shuzou