Features of Japanese ANIME

The features of Japanese anime have close relationship to the process of production.

* The style of most works is “Limited animation” and fewer works are “Full animation” typified by Disney theatrical animated features.
“Limited” means an expressive form, in which only a part (or some parts) of the character’s body (the mouth, eyes, hands etc.) is moved and many still pictures are used.
On the other hand, “Full animation” means faithfully expressed works, and the whole body would be drawn as they move. Realistic and full-length expressions are drawn by making the object moved which must move in the natural situation.

* The camera work panning horizontal still pictures from side to side is often used. This method saves a number of pictures.
Especially, crowded places like a spectator stand of a stadium or a conference room are rendered to create a festive atmosphere.

* Particular scenes are used repeatedly. This is called “Bank System”. Scenes of telling story so far at the beginning of the anime show in many TV series, coalescence of robots, transforming of magical girls, main characters talking etc.
Or a certain scene is used in a quite different scene by replacing background pictures.

* Fabrication cost is very low.

* The genres are of great variety.

* The quality of motion pictures depends on the animation cartoonist, some popular cartoonists are supported by many fans.

* Half-hour programs (net time is about 24 min.) organizing a TV series are generally aired once a week, and theatrical films are relatively less produced.