Unique Quality of Japanese MANGA and ANIME

Japanese Manga and Anime are not only entertainment but something which enlighten us via their stories. The themes of such Manga or Anime are often sports or school life, however, many SF or action stories also tell us something. We can learn team work, friendship, tender thought, the meaning of life etc.
Usually, the leading characters in a story of Manga or Anime have a pretty face, but in such cases, it may not be the point that the characters are beautiful or the quality of the pictures is high.

The works of Hayao Miyazaki are loved by many people around the world. What attracts people to the movies so much is that the stories are profound as well as the movement of the pictures are elaborate.

The Castle of Cagliostro
(Lupin the III) (1991)

Lupin the 3rd, well known as a grandson of the “gentleman thief ” Arsene Lupin, confronts the conspiracy of Count Cagliostro and struggles to free Princess Clarice. The episode in his youth becomes apparent.

The story goes by in the motif of scenes and mystery from the original Lupin novels by Maurice Leblanc.

Lupin the 3rd – The Secret of Mamo (1977)

Miyazaki’s specialties, the rhythmical movement of characters and a pure girl as the heroine are well expressed.
But it is pity that because this movie has had a great impact, many other directors often characterize Lupin as only a gentleman of ” Great pains but all in vain” in the subsequent Lupin features.

# I recommend “The Secret of Mamo” (the first movie) or TV series if you want to know another profile of Lupin.
“The Secret of Mamo” is Si-Fi & action anime movie, and it predicted the trend of the future in the point of human cloning at that time.

Lupin TV Series