Shibori Tie-dyeing with Sakura wood chip!

Preparation | Spot patterns | Stripe pattern | Abstract pattern | Hexagon & square patterns | Dyeing & Coordinating with Kimono and Obi |

Let’s tie dyeing with Shibori technique!
Obiage is a scarf-like rectangular piece of cloth which helps keep obi and decorates kimono.


Now the cherry blossom season has come in Japan and a tie-dyeing workshop was held at KASOYO (a kimono shop & cafe in Tokyo) with cherry (sakura) wood chips.

We present you six movies about this tie-dye workshop and some methods of tie-dyeing
This series of movies reports the workshop and how to make patterns of tie-dyeing, and shows a coordination sample using the obiage and kimono with spring color.

You can watch the movies on YouTube.


KASONO, a kimono shop & cafe in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo.
Today I’ll try to tie-dye Obiage with cherry wood chips.
The instructor is the owner of this shop, Mr. Kotaro NAKANO.

Pink and gray colors will come out.
It varies depending on the condition or the temperature.

Tie-dyeing with Threads (Spot patterns)

An easy way of tie-dyeing;

Push a stick from the back side and fix it with a rubber band.

When you make about two dozen of the patterns, the design must be a nice art work.

Big patterns are also recommended.
You can make one pattern first, and then make bigger pattern below it.
Wind up a band and pull out the stick, and repeat it several times.
And the patterns will be like the solar system.

You can think always outside the box!

When you want to make a tinier pattern, use a thread instead of a rubber band.

When making a pattern without a particular plan, its shape will be roundish square.
Because the cloth isn’t stretchable longitudinally and laterally but obliquely.
So the cloth will shrink and the shape of the pattern becomes square.

If you want to make a round shape, sew the part in the shape of round and tighten the thread in advance.

Tie-dyeing by accordion fold (Stripe pattern)

Stripe patterns will appear.

This is made as follows.

It’s less enjoyable to make only this one, but it becomes more interesting by putting small patterns on the opposite side.

Abstract pattern

In this case, it becomes beautiful to dye it pink first, and gray next.

Wind with a rubber band. That’s all.
The process will end soon.

Dye once in this form.
The inside remains whiter than you thought, turn inside out and dye it again.

If you want to make the design more interesting, tie the parts you like at the beginning.
Make small patterns with threads.
And the design will be a nice art work.

Hexagon & square patterns

When you use obiage, patterns don’t appear as it’s folded.
See below.

When you hold a position which is close to an angle, small hexagons are made.
The converse is also true.

The closer to a side you hold, the bigger shapes are made.

Dyeing & Coordinating with Kimono and Obi

You can dye them without unevenness by immersing them in water.

How do you feel about seeing the cherry blossoms wearing this outfit?