Luxury Glassware- Sumida Glassware Market

Go treasure-hunting! Glassworks such as luxury crystal cut glass or handmade ornaments by high-skilled glassworkers at a bargain price.

In downtown Sumida Ward, Tokyo, there are many glassworks, glass ateliers and glassworkers with a great degree of skill.
Glass handiworks such as Edo Glass (Edo-Garasu) or Edo Kiriko has been developed in Tokyo since Edo Period.
They are handmade products maintaining the tradition and one-of-a-kind handicrafts.

Edo Glass is designated as a traditional craft by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Luxury Glassware Flea Market in Japan -Treasure Hunting in Sumida!/ すみだガラス市 – Project Japan

Sumida Glasswork market is held twice a year (April and October) by the profession of glasswork.
Let’s make a lucky find!
Products made by glass factories and skillful craftspersons are offered at bargain prices.

How do they make a bi-colored glass? Asked a question.

“The second color glass is put over the layer of the first. When we cut the outer, the inner (first color) layer of the glass appears.”

edo kiriko, bicolored-glass

Accessories with glass sculptures or ‘tombo dama’ (glass beads) are sold in profusion.
There is also a booth selling goods for charity.
You have lots of choices of unique one-of-a-kind glassware!
It’s very joyful to be able to talk with glassworkers.

And you can try to make a tombo dama bead (glass bead) and kiriko decoration.

“Usuhari” glassware series are loved by many people.
Very thin and handmade glassware.

How about using a chopstick rest as a pen rest?
glass pen, chopstick rest for pen rest

People who purchased over 3,000yen can get a small gift such as a cup for Japanese sake or a dish in the shape of cherry blossom.

purchases at sumida glassware market
My purchases; including gifts for purchases over 3,000yen

*TOBU Glass Industry Co-operative Association(TGIA) of Japan:


Oyokogawa Shinsui Kouen (Oyoko River Park)