Seigaiha (Blue sea and waves)

Geometrical or repetitive patterns are fine and repeating, and often used for the background of the main motif to enrich the total design.
These patterns for the background are called “Ji-monnyou (moyou)” (“ji” means “ground” and “monnyou” (or “moyou”) means “design (or pattern/ motif)”.

The direct meaning of “Seigaiha” is “Blue sea and waves”. This is a pattern that the waves are lapped over alternately.
The wave crest pattern is one of the traditional and typical geometrical patterns, and has been very popular as a auspicious omens motif.

The name of “Seigaiha” is said to be derived from an episode that this motif was used in the costume of the gagaku piece with dance (court dance and music) named “Seigaiha”. While also being said to be derived from the name of a craftsman.